Dr. Dean has returned from his “sabbatical” and opened his new practice.

To set up an appointment please call: (850) 912-6981.

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  1. Karen Benson

    I found your site from searching for doctors who use ozone therapy but found nothing about it on your website. I have bone on bone in both knees and desperately wish to find an alternative to knee replacement. Can you help me? thanks

  2. jim

    Dear Dr

    I went cold turkey off 300mg imr oxycodone which was given by a pain management dr. Stopped end of jan 2014. No dr has been able to help handle paws symtoms with the worst being exhausted by afternoons.I work on my feet all day and go home and just collapse till morning. Is there anything thing that would help with the fatigue. I take amino acids and coq10s with a multi vitamins plus ginseng Korean 2000/day.My biggest problem is brain fog! Please any suggestions. Iam a member of LEF and they haven’t helped much.
    Thank You Jim

  3. Daniel


    AS A Nutrition Researcher WITH A FOCUS ON DIABETES/CVD, I Speak with many individuals with afib/arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy.
    I have been diagnosed with afib and I am doing well, as are the others. Several key HERBS/Nutients TO CONSIDER, ACCORDING TO THE PUBLISHED RESEARCH.

    I use ionic liquid Magnesium–from Trace Mineral Research
    Taurine in caps
    Lemon Balm liquid extract FROM GAIA HERBS
    fish oil has disappointed in published studies
    ps sugar/sweets can initiate an arrhythmic episode in some.

  4. Hi Dr Dean-

    I came on to your site when researching BPE. I am 59 and have been a weightlifter since 16 years of age. My weight lifting has been conssistent and not occasional at any time(except when hospitalized) in those 43 years. I began taking DHEA when I was in my 40’s and the results were leaner body and increased sex drive. I am very strong and probably within 90% of my strongest in my 20’s. I had endocarditis at 53 yoa and discovered that I had congenital valve issues. I had an AVR and aredo within 6 months and an aneurysm at the same time(both caused by the bacteria). For the 1st time in my life, I had 6 months of non-training, but returned to pre-surgery fitness soon thereafter. I developed BPE at 55 and have been prescribed Tamsulosin and Finasteride for the enlargement. PSA tests are within range. I have taken 25-100mg of DHEA daily for over ten years and experienced positive effects. Do you think that taking DHEA could be contributing to the BPE? The drugs prescribed two months ago have not improved my symptoms. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

  5. Nancy Hill

    Hi Ya Dr. Dean. I’m a retired full-time RV’r currently in CA; enjoying life exploring, hiking and photography (not bad for 66) . Will follow your website. Love your energies–keep on kicking . Take care. Stkn Nanc

  6. Scott Tomlinson

    Dr. Dean is a doctor of mine at Pea ridge and after noticing he seems to be very educated I decided to look him up. Glad to have doctors like him around. Glad he’s “back” to helping. Paients. I am having sleeping issues and he was quick to suggest an alternative drug that actually helps you fall into all 4 sleep cycles vs hypnotic drugs that just knock you out. I admired his expertise and concern with the risks of sleeping pills. However due to my body the medication wasn’t for me and I had to choose the option he didn’t recommend. I still want everyone to see that he cares about his patients biased off of my experience. I wish he had his own practice to see regular patients like me. I can’t find any doctor around here I like and I sure like him. He’s smart and doesn’t just say sorry when you explain other medications don’t work.

    Again, I very greatly appreciate Dr. Dean.

    I will actually get rest tonight because of him.

  7. Ward Dean

    Metformin will help your lipid levels–especially in terms of reducing your triglyceride levels.

    However, for dramatic improvements in your lipid profile, I suggest nicotinic acid (aka Niacin, Vitamin B3), about 1,500-2,000 mg per day.

    Niacin is the safest, cheapest most effective lipid lowering agent there is. It lowers total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL, while increasing your HDL.

    Side effects of flushing, itching, etc, are caused by histamine release from mast cells. It is completely harmless, will go away in about 20 minutes, and you will get used to it after a few days or weeks.

    Tell your VA docs that you suffer from “Metabolic Syndrome.” The treatment for metabolic syndrome is Metformin. If you can’t talk them into prescribing it for you, you can legally obtain it without a prescription from International Anti-Aging Systems (www.antiaging-systems.com), an international pharmacy located in Sark, UK.

    Hope this information helps,

    Ward Dean, M.D.

  8. Good Afternoon, Dr.Ward:

    I’m an 44 yr old OIF/OEF Air Force veteran and have a question in regards to the use of Metformin in place of any cholesterol medication ending in an statin. I’m currently prescribed Atorvastatin 80 mg tablets. But, I’ve discontinued taking Atorvastatin, because it gives me sever cramping in my left upper thigh region. I’ve been trying to better myself physically and attempting to complete my required yearly Air Force Physical Training assessment, but I’ve been failing the run time because of the cramping issues. Since, personally discontinuing my current cholesterol medication, I’ve passed my PT test without the cramping issues. But, my high cholesterol is still a factor.

    I read an article in a health magazine that mentioned the success of Metformin in patients with type 2 diabetes and cholesterol issues. I’m a patient with the VA (Veterans Administration) and “I’M TRYING TO VOICE CANDIDACY TO THE VA PHYSICIAN AND PHARMACIST FOR THE USE OF METFORMIN INPLACE OF ANY STATIN CHOLESTEROL MEDICATION.” My most recent lab results in May, show that my blood/sugar level was 5.5 A1c(pre-diabetic), this is within normal range, so says the VA. I have no kidney or liver issues and would like justification to give to the VA on the potential use of Metformin, in place of my current cholesterol medication.

    I have family members through marriage that are type 2 diabetics that also have high cholesterol and are on Metformin. These family members are physically active and don’t experience sever cramping while engaged in physical activity and it also helps lowers their “bad” cholesterol levels.

    I would like to speak or hear from you about your recommendations regarding my potential candidacy for Metformin.

    Thank You,

    John Dluhos.

  9. warddeanmd

    As you said, there is no “cure” for scleroderma (progressive systemic sclerosis)–however, there are some treatments that may help. Potaba (potassium para-aminobenzoic acid [PABA]) has been approved for Peyronie’s disease, a sclerosing condition of the penis–and it may help with PSS, as well. Dosage is in the mult-gram range. DMSO, topically and orally (drink 1-2 tsp per day, mixed with juice to kill the taste) has been used with benefit in cases of scleroderma. I also think the anti-crosslinking properties of EDTA (orally and intravenously), used in chelation therapy may help, as well. Finally, the AGE-inhibitor carnosine may help, in doses of 2,000 mg per day.
    Let me know how she does.

    Ward Dean, M.D.

  10. Joseph Davis

    I am a friend of James Mobley who suggested I contact you concerning a friend of mine, I don’t know if you can help or not but my friend has been suffering from Scleroderma for over 12 years now. She has been going to the Mayo clinic in Rochester for periodic checkups and treatments. We know there is no cure for Scleroderma but do you know of any therapy in your realm of expertise that could benefit her?

  11. warddeanmd

    Dear Dr. Barnes,

    Thanks for writing. It’s always good to hear from old friends and former patients. I don’t blame you from escaping from California, as I did. Thanks again for checking in.

    Ward Dean, M.D.

  12. warddeanmd


    Although it doesn’t work for everyone, you might consider micro-current stimulation. See the book (available on Amazon) Miracle Eye Cure, by Edward C. Kondrot, M.D. You can obtain an electro-stim device for home use, for under $300. One unit is the Opto-Pulse-100.

    You can google the terms, micro-current stimulation and macular degeneration for more information, results of clinical studies, etc.

    Good luck. Let me know how your husband does,

    Ward Dean, M.D.

  13. caren

    My husband has wet macular degeneration, and is currently being treated with eye injections. He also takes melatonin-zinc-selenium. I was wondering if there is anything else out there that might slow down the progression of this disease? We know there is no cure right now, only treatment. Our Dr. still insists a cure is on the way in about 5 years. If there is anything you might suggest we would appreciate it very much.

    Blessings always,


  14. Creighton Barnes

    Dr. Dean,
    We were patients of yours back in the 80’s, when Life Extension was in Venice and we had our bloood panels done there every year. Your office was in Los Angeles. You indicated that she had certain warning markers for cancer. Our family Dr. ignored the info. Five years later she was finally diagnosed and died four years after that.
    Anyway, your diagnosis was correct. So sad when LFE moved to Florida and now you are there. I am in Oregon now, and still keep up on things. Wish we were closer or you had some one closer who worked with you.
    Best of health always,
    Creighton Barnes, PhD
    Ashland, OR

  15. glenn c.

    Glad to see you are back!!! I didn’t know how long you were away for?

    I had read many articles from your old site, at http://www.vrp.com

    Some I found on this site. Thank God! I really was hoping it wasn’t lost forever!

    I will call your number, not for an appointment, but to discuss (if you can? a certain item, you know much about) God Bless!!! 🙂

  16. Brandi

    Holy Cow! I’m late. I just found out that were back from “vacation!” You have no idea how you have changed the school of thought regarding vitamins, nutrients and such. My friends think that I am a conspiratorial lunatic when I say “the government wants you sick and tired” – but I cannot remember the last antibiotic nor cold or flu I have had. What I do remember is being in the rave scene in college and inside my backpack were two very tattered copies of Smart Drugs and Nutrients (I and II) – it was fun to share info around a mosh pit/bonfire at the outdoor raves, drinking Earth Girl’s concoctions, musing about the secrets of cognitive greatness- and it was a fun addition to trying to help people pronounce dimethylaminoethanol. Welcome back!!! Can’t wait to see what new research you uncover!

  17. john eckles

    Dear Dr Dean can you find for me were l can get pills to stop the death hormones they are DECO hypothetical hormone and cortisol hormone as they do most of the ageing thats a fact as l donot want then in my body at all were can l get type one collagen with cells and genes pills if l can have then l will have type one collagen pills and elastine pills l want the strongest in all the pills l take will all these pills l take will keep me young forever yes or no or what will l must know as l must have these pills as they are very very important to me .

  18. Terry Wickham

    Dear Dr. Dean

    Glad to hear you are back. Haven’t seen you since 1989, but look at the Christmas card you gave me sometimes.


  19. Ellis Toussier

    Hello Dr. Dean… I am SO GLAD that you are “back”…

    I wrote much more but I erased it because it is too personal, I can only tell it to you in person, or by telephone, or by private e-mail. E-mail is not private anymore, as I sadly found out. Google promises not to erase any e-mail ever… so 10 years from now they can find my correspondence and psychoanalyze me (“The Madman From Mexico”…).

    There are no Gentlemen left in the Government… they are all whores searching for who to screw.

    Almost everything that I know how to do (a lot of it learned from you…) that is GOOD for good health is now “almost ILLEGAL”… so I trademarked the name “The ILLEGAL GUIDE” which can be “to Anti-Aging Therapies” or “to Calcutta After Midnight…” or to “to GHB, the Natural Mood Enhancer”…

    I will try to call you by telephone soon.

    Ellis Toussier

  20. jim kelly

    Ward: One hell of a “sabbatical”! Tunie and I are so glad to hear of your return from the other side. You were surely missed and often brought up in conversation with like minded friends. Glad you are back in practice—Nobody can match your medical expertise. JKelly

  21. Renee'

    Dear, Dear, Dr. Dean!

    Our prayers have been answered, you are back where you belong! How many people will be blessed by your character, kind heart and your practice.

    I wish to become your patient again, this time by long distance as I’ve moved from the Panhandle to the Tampa Bay area. I need your expertise desperately, the doctors here have mismanaged my care and increased one simple problem in to more, that so far, and after much research, I think only you can know how to treat. I have become weary & disheartened & ‘fired’ over 8 doctors as pathetically, I understand my body & how to treat more than they (much research) yet, they are set in their ways & only treat a certain way, no matter how much I suffer.

    I have many recent test results that I can get to you. I can also email my situation and I do hope we can have a phone appointment. You are my last hope to find someone that can manage hypothyroidism (not Hahsi’s) and adrenal dysfunction.

    Thank you so much for your love of what you do and your consideration of my plight.


  22. Hello Ward. I just reviewed your website. I am interested in information on chronic degenerative disease and how to slow it down. This is Marianne and I would love to hear from you.

  23. Philip Shaw

    Hi Ward, thanks for the advise taken, finally, for my mother to use furosemide. It worked fast and continuing because she visited her local GP who strongly advised she have tests in hospital as her heart was racing. She has Atrial Fibrillation.Three days in hospital was all she could take, and is continues with Lasix (40mg), also Clexane (100mg), Digoxine (125mcg), Omeprazol (20mg), two (75mg) coated aspirin, 125mcg levothyroxine, 1.25mg ramipril. I tossed the Paracetamol she was given in hospital. Her pulse has come down to 80 from 100. It was normally high 50s. She’s now constantly feeling very tired, wanting to continually sleep and can be very unfocussed even with 2g phos. choline and 1g lecithin. She’s taking 1gram each of potassium/magnesium aspartates, 30mg CoQ10, NAC 1-2g, but not sufficient nutrients for this condition. It reaching 90s here and humid, and that’s NOT helping. Can you kindly advise what possible alternative drugs and nutrients as my mother’s coming off daily am injection for tablet replacement and warfarin.

  24. Ward: I hope you are doing alright. I tried to contact you once, but couldn’t get through. I knew about your sabattical and felt I could do absolutely nothing about your situation. Knowing you I suspect you have been studying night and day and probably have all sorts of material to put into a new book. You have a lot to offer to the anti-aging community and I hope you get back in action. Best Regards, Bob U


    Hi, DR Dean,
    I am so glad to know that you are back to doing what you do best. My wife Linda and I knew you when you practiced in LA. Would love to see you again some time. Interestingly enough I have been an income tax accountant for the last 20 years. Had to retire from fishing when I was 55. I still continue to study health, nutrition and excercise physiology. I am burnt out on the tax business. The IRS has detiriated to the point that they are just plain iritating. I am thinking about writing a book on the medical Mofia. Would design it as a novel. I feel I might be able to reach more of the public in that form. If you ever come up to WA State give me a call and we can get together. Do you know of any reliable source for “ACE”. I sure did like that stuff.
    Larry Dennis

  26. Clay Smith

    Hello. I have some rather unusual medical issues for which I’ve not been able to get a diagnosis. They include involuntary movements, restlessness, polyuria, some liver issues, and several other things. It seems that lithium side effects are a good match for my symptom set. However, I’ve never taken lithium, so if there’s too much in my system, it’d probably be in some form other than Carbonate. The blood test available through Labcorp does not (so the staff tells me) measure any other form. Are you aware of any blood test that will measure all forms?

    Thank you.


  27. Shirley

    Dr. Dean,

    I read all of your articles on RNA. The experimental findings of Dr. Benjamin Frank were really amazing.

    I live in New York city, do you know of any New York doctors who give RNA injections for anti aging purposes?

  28. Dr. Michael Powers

    Hello Dr. Dean,

    Do you have any idea why the market place has been cleansed of RNA powder? No one is selling it.

    Do you know of any company that presently sells the powder?

    Needless to say, if anyone can answer this question it is you.

  29. BS”D

    Ward, I am happy that you are back in practice. I have recently been diagnosed with MTHFR C677T homozygous gene mutation, and would like to talk with you about it.

    P.S. You may also be interested to learn that we have miniaturized the Accommotrac Vision Trainer into a pair of eyeglasses.

  30. Michael Shaw PAC

    Dr. Dean, I spoke with you about a month ago about the Inner Age/IM Health software and my interest in continuing to use the software even though International AntiAging Systems discontinued its use online. I was wondering if you had had a chance to speak with them and what options there might be to have access to the software for my clinical practice? I would also like to purchase your book Biological Aging Measurement-Clinic Appications, but your site does not allow for that. Please reply, it would help so much for the advancement of my practice to have the software. Sincerely, Michael Shaw.

  31. Alan Sallman

    DR Dean,
    I am glad to learn you are back! I pray that all is well. I have had multiple communications with you in the past, primarily through VRP. I am a huge fan and follower and have incorporated your experiences and teachings into my own antiaging/preventive health program. I am a current client of Dr John Trowbridge in Humble,Tx and have been since you recommended him to me over 15 years ago.
    I am a Registered Nurse currently in school at UTMB in Galveston in the Family Nurse Practitioner program. I have been a Nurse over 22 years. I have also been certified through Baylor College of Sports Medicine (Houston) as a Rehabilitation Specialist for the last 12 years and frequently refer back to postings on the CERI and VRP web sites and the Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging to better my client’s and their family’s health. I would like your guidance as to how to augment my education and license to better serve my clients. My primary goal is health promotion, injury/illness prevention, and rehabilitation through education.
    Thank you for your attention and guidance. I am very thankful that you are back! I hope to meet you sometime soon.
    Stay blessed,
    Alan Sallman RN

  32. I just heard on BO GRITZ radio show ,that you were out and back
    in Florida.You have been in our prayers.We are glad you are back.THANK GOD, BOBBY & CAROL STEWARD
    P.S I have know BO,since 1965 in Nam,He was my commander in
    PANAMA 3/7 SF I have HALOED with him Humped thru the jungle with him.

  33. I’ll talk about you on today’s radio program FREEDOM CALL. I speak of you often. It will be a wonderful honor tohave your voice across America. Please let me know how I can help you. I have missed you over these past years. I still have a radio program M-F 14-15:00 PDT. You are ALWAYS WELCOME!!!

  34. I have prayed for your safe return. I have spoken of you often over AVR’s Freedon Call. I’m concerned about your fine sons. I would love to interview you on freedom call as often as you find time. I appreciate all you have done in saving lives of fellow vets. My prayer is answered to see you back as a medical practicianer. Praise God you are free. My heart runs over. I love you! Your friend and conrade Bo Gritz. Let me know how I can help you.

  35. Michael Shaw

    Dr. Ward, I was using IM Health to do Biomarker Mapping until they ceased operations. I would like to discuss using the Inner Age software, which IM Health was using to continue biomarker mapping in my practice. Please call me at 316-619-1010. I would really appreciate a response. I have gotten nowhere with IM Health. Sincerely, Michael Shaw

  36. Roy

    Dear Dr Dean
    Please I like to know which one do you recommend on the long term Nootropics or GHB.

    I don’t know if you answered this question in your latest book “GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer”
    but i couldn’t find it in Lebanon (Middle East)

    I have severe depression since i was a child i am now 25 years old.

    Thank you for your help

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