Dr. Dean discusses life extension, brain maximization, and a range of topics including his book “Smart Drugs and Nutrients: How to Improve and Increase Your Intelligence Through Neuroscience.” during his interview on Episode 1 of SmartDrugSmarts Brain Health podcast.


5 Responses to Listen: Dr. Ward Dean on Life Extension and Brain Maximization

  1. Tyler R

    Thank you for all your help and down to earth informativeness. I desperately need to consulate with you on a number of issues especially given your military background. Will meet soon. Thanks again.


  2. warddeanmd

    Hi, Joyce,

    Yes, I recall meeting you. I suggest using the image that is on the main page of my website–which I believe Will is already using in the magazine.

    Yes, I’m back in practice in my old office in Milton, Florida, about 25 miles east of Pensacola. I occasionally do telephone consultations. I enjoy your crossword puzzles.


  3. Hello,
    I met you long ago when Will and I were married. I have just finished reading the wonderful and informative article on Metformin that Will wrote for our October issue of Life Enhancement Magazine. I do the monthly crossword puzzle based on the main article and was looking for an image of you to use on the page. I found your blog which I am excited about listening to as well. If you happen to have an image of yourself which I can use for the page, and you read this response b/f publication, please send to my email. Also, are you practicing along with writing and open to phone consultations. Again, thank you for all of your pioneering work. Will is so glad to have you back in his science life.

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